Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to reset root password on centos 7

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Many methods to reset root password centos 7. if GRUB 2 bootloader then no longer using in single-user mode as well as emergency mode. To below step by step to reset root password  centos 7.

Step 1: Start the system, on Grub 2 boot screen, you press the e key as shown below.
reset root password centos 7

Step 2:  In linux16 line or linuxefi on UEFI system, add parameters end line as shown below.
# rw init=/bin/bash
reset-root-password-centos-7 02

Note: reset root password  centos 7

Using Ctrl+A or Ctrl+E to start or end a line.
Disable paramenters the rhgb and quiet in order to enable system message as shown top.

Step 3: you press Ctrl+x to start single user mode
# password
Step 4: update selinux information
#touch /.autorelabel
Step 5: To resume the initialization and finish the system boot.
#exec /sbin/init
reset-root-password-centos-7 03

Link Youtube how to reset root password on centos 7

*In linux and unix-like operating system, Reset root password  centos 7 useful to administrator  when you forgotten root password, you can recover  very easy.

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